IVEG WebcastManaging retina patient flow in the COVID-19 era

The pandemic has reshaped ophthalmology practice, and since reopening retina specialists have been facing the challenge of combining good patient flow and safe infection control. From the voice of top-tier retina specialist, best practices and lessons learned.

  • • Current situation and possible future scenarios
  • • Changes in communication with patients to improve flow and reduce contact
  • • Conjugating time-consuming protective measures and high-level disinfection with flow management
  • • Changes in practice layout to improve flow and minimize contact
  • • Changes in office time and visit schedules
  • • The backlog of patients: are we back to near-normal routine?
  • • Changes in the protocols for examination and treatment
  • • Changes in treatment schedules
  • • Upcoming changes and technology upgrades: teleconsultations, home monitoring, no-touch technologies