IVEG WebcastManagement of retinal disease in the time of COVID-19 – Present and future challenges
Conversation topics
Moderator: Prof. Paolo Lanzetta
  • Current situation and measures taken in individual countries during the outbreak and in the transition to the post-lockdown phase
  • • What should be expected (workload, worsened vision, backlog of OCT examinations etc.)
  • Safety measures (hygiene, distancing, PPTs, swab testing and serologic testing etc.)
  • AMD Treatment regimens: should they be modified and how?
  • • Managing other retinal pathologies (RVO, myopic CNV, DME)
  • • Effective communication with patients: informing, reassuring
  • Creative changes: telehealth resources (platforms, apps, video visits etc.), telephone consultations, home-based care, home-monitoring devices etc.