What has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on retina clinic performance, on treatment schedules and, ultimately, on the visual outcomes of patients with retinal pathologies? What changes have been introduced? What could be next?

Thought leaders from six European countries discuss the concerns and the challenges, but also the lessons learned and the innovation inspired by the pandemic crisis.


The panel will discuss:

Management of AMD patients in the course of the pandemic: 

  • Follow-up attendance over the various stages of the pandemic 
  • Treatment regimens best suited to meet the challenges of the pandemic
  •  Outcome assessment

Management of DR/DME patients in the course of the pandemic: 

  • Initial treatment delays and their consequences 
  • Worsening due to less regular monitoring by diabetes specialists, and poor diabetes control
  • Counteracting the pandemic impact

Teleconsultations and home monitoring

  • Ways of implementation
  • Evaluation of strengths and shortcomings

Vaccinations, staff absences and quarantines

  • Country policies, challenges, attitudes

Take-home messages:

  • Lessons learned
  • What to keep and what to toss