Sanjay Sharma is a professor of ophthalmology and epidemiology at Queen’s University and holds Masters degrees in epidemiology and business administration. He has authored over 200 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and the American Medical Association’s textbook, Evidence-based to Value-based Medicine. Dr Sharma has received numerous grants and awards for his research in macular disease, health economics and technology innovation. His lab is actively researching the safety of anti-VEGF injections.

Dr Sharma has created a series of educational platforms that bring evidence-based information to ophthalmologists, optometrists and patients globally. These platforms include, which reaches patients through a variety of technologies including iPads, websites and its own IPTV Network; providing continuing education to over 4,000 eye doctors; and IMTouchEye, an iPad app that provides clinicians with customizable 3D animations to explain eye conditions to their patients. Dr Sharma completed fellowships in retinal diseases at Queen’s University, Wills Eye Hospital, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.