Jack Parker, MD, PhDCorneal transplantation for retina surgeons

Jack Parker, MD, PhD, is one of the world’s foremost authorities in corneal surgery, speaks about endothelial keratoplasty, answering to the question: what should retinal specialists know when they deal with a patient who has previously undergone corneal transplantation?  

Jack did his fellowship training with Gerrit Melles at NIIOS -- the Dutch institution that developed modern corneal lamellar surgery (DMEK, DSEK, and Bowman layer transplantation). He practices at Parker Cornea, Birmingham, Alabama, and at NIIOS-USA, San Diego, California.

By listening to this podcast, you will learn:

The fascinating story of lamellar transplantation.

• The difference between DMEK vs. DSEK, and the different way these two transplants look and behave in the eye.  

• How to detect complications related to these surgeries in your patients, and what to do.

• What special measures you should take when performing injections or other vitreoretinal procedures in patients with prior transplant surgery.