This video reviews the study (presented on Friday 09 September 2016, Free Paper Session 13). which looks at individual anatomical outcomes in patients with Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). Data from the READ-3 clinical trial were used for this study. READ-3 is a Phase II, randomized, multi-center clinical trial designed to evaluate and compare the effects of two doses of ranibizumab at 0.5mg and 2.0mg in eyes with DME. Of the 134 patients included, at baseline, 26 eyes had vitreomacular adhesion (VMA), and 98 eyes did not. At Month 6 the patients with VMA showed a mean improvement of ~11 letters, while patients without VMA showed a mean improvement of ~6 letters. A mean change in central retinal thickness was 173µm and 161µm in the eyes with or without VMA at Month 6, respectively. Both groups showed there was significant functional and morphological improvements from baseline. 26 patients with VMA showed that posterior vitreous detachment was present in 7 eyes, while 17 eyes had no change in vitreomacular status after 6 months. These changes in vitreomacular status did not lead to statistical significant differences in visual acuity of central retinal thickness after 6 months. The study showed that DME patients with VMA have a greater potential for improvement in visual outcomes with anti-VEGF therapy. Therefore the presence of VMA should not preclude patients with DME from receiving treatment.

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